Oral Presentation Guidelines

This guide applies to plenary, keynote, exhibitor and paper (oral) presenters only. For poster presenters, click here.

Presenting authors must be officially registered to the conference on or before 31 August 2021. Pre-recorded presentations must be submitted on or before 12 September 2021.

Oral presenters will be asked to join a Cisco Webex Meeting on the day of their presentation. Their pre-recorded presentation will be played, followed by a live Q&A session. The attendees attending the Webex Meeting through the Whova website/app can send in their questions, which will be relayed to the presenters during the live Q&A session.

Oral presenters are allotted these time slots in the programme:

  • Plenary Speakers: 40 mins presentation + 10 mins Q&A
  • Keynote Speakers: 20 mins presentation + 10 mins Q&A
  • Exhibitor/Paper Presenters: 10 mins presentation + 5 mins Q&A

Video Presentation (Recording)

All presentations must be pre-recorded. The presentation must be filmed horizontally with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The recording must be continuous without the use of additional electronic media (e.g. sound effects) or props (e.g. costumes, lab equipment). The recording must not exceed the allotted time for the presentation.

You may use a video conferencing software to record the presentation. The presenter has the option of including their webcam feed in the top-right corner of the recording (see example below).

Use a blurred background or the virtual background below to minimise background clutter:

Upload the recording to a cloud storage/file sharing site (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.). Share the file through a publicly accessible URL/link and submit the link in the Oral Presentation Recording Submission Form (https://forms.gle/Rp8zLXg2HebgAiyE9).