Adoracion P. Resurreccion: 2024 PFCS-Shimadzu Achievement Awardee for Service to the Chemistry Profession

Dr. Adoracion P. Resurreccion has been leading the Board of Chemistry at the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) since 2004, overseeing significant changes in how the chemistry profession is regulated. For 10 years she actively participated in supporting the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines in creating the Chemistry Profession Act (RA No. 10657), a law that since 2015, has shaped standards and safety in more than a thousand chemical laboratories across the country.

Under her leadership, the Board of Chemistry introduced reforms in the administration of the Chemistry Licensure Examinations (CLE) that contributed to the improvement of the national passing rate in the CLE. Dr. Resurreccion represented the BOC in the CHED Technical Committee/Panel in Chemistry at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for 4 years , where she helped set educational standards and improve chemistry teaching at universities. Among the reforms implemented were; the instutionalization of the an updated Table of Specifications for the CLE that was aligned with the CHED Policies, Standards, and Guidelines(PSG) for the BS Chemistry program in the country and the upgrading of the Chemistry Testbank encoding and extraction process.

Inspite of personal mobility difficulties, compelling her to undergo major surgeries, Dr. Resurreccion indefatigably spearheaded a rigorous inspection and monitoring program for chemical establishments, to ensure that requirements for safety and professional standards set by the Chemistry Law are complied with. These efforts significantly impacted on the conditions of chemistry professionals in the country, among these: the recognition of the essential role of chemists in chemical establishments; safer working conditions in laboratories, including grant of hazard pay for hundreds of chemists and chemical technicians; and improved ethical practices among chemistry professionals.

Apart from her regulatory work, Dr. Resurreccion chairs the Continuing Professional Development Council of Chemistry, which encourages chemistry practitioners to keep learning and maintaining high ethical standards in their work. She is also known for sharing her knowledge and insights at seminars and discussions on topics like the chemistry law and continuing professional development.

Dr. Resurreccion’s career in public service is defined by her dedication to excellence, integrity and her unflinching efforts in the implementation of the Chemistry Profession Act. Consequently, the promotion, regulation and protection of the professional practice of chemistry in the country, ensures its continued development and adherence to high international standards. Her leadership continues to benefit and inspire chemistry professionals and drive positive change in the chemistry profession.

Adoracion P. Resurreccion, PhD
Chairman, PRC Board of Chemistry
The 2024 PFCS-Shimadzu Achievement Award for Service to the Chemistry Profession is co-presented by Shimadzu Philippines Corporation.