Angelo Mark P. Walag: 2024 PFCS-Bihis-Maala Basics Achievement Award for Chemistry Education (Tertiary Level)

Dr. Angelo Mark Walag is a distinguished full professor at the Department of Science Education, University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines. He earned his Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education with a specialization in Chemistry, laying a robust foundation for his extensive research portfolio. His scholarly expertise spans game-based learning, gamification, inquiry-based learning, and chemistry education, through which he has authored numerous high-impact publications. 

Dr. Walag has made substantial contributions to research in chemistry education by conducting studies on the effectiveness of innovative instructional materials with emphasis on game-based learning. Through rigorous investigation and analysis, he has provided valuable insights into their practical application and pedagogical impact, thereby improving chemistry instruction. His research endeavors not only contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field but also inform evidence-based teaching practices, benefiting chemistry educators and students alike. He has published several papers in the Journal of Chemical Education published by the American Chemical Society.

Beyond his research, Dr. Walag is deeply committed to student training and mentorship, teaching various chemistry and research courses from undergraduate to graduate levels. He supervises student research projects and collaborates with students to develop innovative learning materials in chemistry. His mentorship has been instrumental in the success of his students, many of whom have secured foreign graduate scholarships, became outstanding teachers, and established themselves as researchers in chemistry education. 

Dr. Walag has been leading community extension projects, focusing on the professional development of science teachers in Northern Mindanao Region. As a program and project leader, he has initiated partnerships with various Department of Education offices, training science teachers in content and pedagogical knowledge, science process skills, laboratory management, ICT in teaching, and inquiry-based learning. His efforts have earned him recognition as a valued stakeholder by DepEd. 

Dr. Walag’s vast experience as a peer reviewer for high-impact journals in chemistry and chemistry education further underscores his expertise and commitment to advancing the field. His critical insights and evaluations help maintain the high standards of academic publications and contribute to the ongoing development of robust chemistry education research.

Angelo Mark P. Walag
Professor VI, Department of Science Education, University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines
The 2024 PFCS-Bihis-Maala Basics Achievement Award for Chemical Education (Tertiary Level) is co-presented by Bihis-Maala Basics Analytical Instruments.