Science Writing Workshop for Journals

Science Writing Workshop for Journals

20-24 October 2014
Venue: Ateneo de Manila University


The culture of publication is still very young in the Philippines. This can be seen in the number of indexed work from the Philippines. This very much pales in comparison even to our ASEAN neighbors like Singapore and Malaysia. This shows that research in the Philippines is not of the same level as our neighbors. There are many reasons for this including lack of highly trained (PhD) manpower, lack of funding and equipment, etc. One of the reasons is simply a lack of exposure by our countrymen in terms of actually writing down research results that meet accepted qualities of scientific dissemination. These qualities raise the bar of research and leads to better research designs for better research results.

The workshop will try to address the last issue by helping Filipinos write their research results and submit their manuscripts to high quality local journals.  We do have local journals that follow accepted standards in publication.


  1. to train faculty members/science personnel to write for a journal
  2. to give experience to faculty members/science personnel to submit a manuscript to a journal and experience the standard review process in international journals
  3. to encourage people to submit research studies to a journal, especially to high quality local journals
  4. to raise the level of research in the country by being aware of journal publication standards


20 October (Day 1 Workshop)

  1. Introduction of the Workshop
  2. Introduction of participants
  3. Introduction of Experts
  4. Manuscript qualities accepted by high quality journals
  5. General Author guidelines
  6. Assignment of Authors to Experts (as mentors)
  7. Fellowship

21 October (Day 2 Workshop)

  1. Separate Run Through of manuscripts
  2. Critiquing of Manuscripts
  3. Revisions of Manuscripts
  4. Individual Writing and Consultations

22 October (Day 3 Workshop)

  1. Individual Writing and Consultations
  2. Group (by Field) Critiquing of Manuscripts
  3. Revisions of Manuscripts

23 October (Day 4 Workshop)

  1. Plenary presentation of papers
  2. Critiquing of Manuscripts
  3. Revisions of Manuscripts
  4. Fellowship

24 October (Day 5 Workshop)

  1. Presentation of Revised Manuscripts
  2. Submission of Manuscripts
  3. Closing
  4. Expert and Writing Fellows’ Evaluation of Workshop


Faculty members and researchers teaching and/or conducting research in the following fields: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Material Science are invited to apply. Fifteen (15) participants, through financial support from the Commission on Higher Education, will be given free registration including meals. Deadline of submission of extended abstracts is on or before September 30, 2014.

For submission and other inquiries, please email Ms. Grace L. Insik at or call +632 4265663.