Invitation to Sponsors and Exhibitors

We are delighted to invite you to join us as a key partner in the 35th Philippine Chemistry Congress (35 PCC) which will be a fully virtual event to be held on September 20-24, 2021.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Build Back Better through Chemistry”.

The success of every Chemistry Congress relies on the support of all members of our community. A virtual PCC will be a new experience for all of us but we will all try to integrate the best of what we had during the in-person conferences.

Your valuable support and presence will ensure the success of this conference and provide an opportunity for your organization to engage with a large field of chemistry practitioners from the academe, industry and government. A virtual experience can be convenient and accessible and allow you to engage a bigger audience.

The Organizing Committee will appreciate your support and participation in the virtual exhibits, marketing materials, technical sessions and other activities which are all part of the Congress. Please see the Sponsorship options shown below for the details. We look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership and encourage you to consider this as an opportunity to promote your company, program, services and products.

Summary of Options

1. VIRTUAL EXHIBITION BOOTH (PHP 12,000.00 / booth)

The conference program will include sessions that will allow exhibitors to directly connect with the attendees and get valuable feedback about the products and/or services you offer. Time will be allotted for Congress participants to visit “booths” and interact with you as they would at a live event and thereby qualify to win a prize.

Note: Due to the virtual nature of the event, exhibitors are limited to a maximum of one (1) virtual exhibition booth only. However, more than one virtual booth may be reserved if the company intends to represent more than one brand/feature (each identified by a unique name).

Exhibitors are entitled to the following:

  • 1 virtual exhibit booth
  • free registration for two (2) participants
  • technical presentation (optional, must aligned to the theme of organization in charge of the session)
  • participation in the Passport Contest*
  • logo to appear in the 35PCC page in the PFCS Website
  • logo to appear in the 35PCC Conference Platform (Whova)

*Passport Contest: Event attendees can access the Passport Contest through the home page of the app. From here, they will be able to collect stamps when they claim deals & offerings, post a comment, and like a booth.

Participating Exhibitors can access to the Lead Retrieval feature through the home page of the app. Scanning leads will present your attendees with a stamp on their Passport for their corresponding company.


You may opt to sponsor a keynote* lecture and provide the session and Q&A moderator(s) and if desired, the polling questions. A promotional video (2 mins) of your company will be shown before the keynote.

*Note: This is distinct from the technical presentation.

3. LOOP AD (PHP 5,000.00)

Your company’s promotional videos will be woven into part of the entire proceedings and shown from time to time during the conference.

4. WEBSITE BANNER (only 5 banners available) (PHP 10,000.00)

Your company’s logo will be shown in the sponsor section of the 35PCC Conference Platform (in Whova). The conference platform, Whova, will be available to the attendees two (2) weeks before and up to three (3) months after the conference.


Since its inception in 2000, the Philippine National Chemistry Olympiad (PNCO) remains the country’s venue for the selection of our representatives to the International Chemistry Olympiad. The top 4 winners of the regional and national level competitions earn the privilege to represent the country in the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO).

Your contribution will go directly towards supporting the major expenses (registration fees, airfare, travel documents etc.) needed to sustain our annual participation in the IChO.

Your company will be duly acknowledged as partners of the PNCO and IChO and your company logo will be displayed in all publicity events related to the PNCO and IChO.

If your company wishes to be a major sponsor of IChO Team Philippines, please contact Dr. Eric Punzalan (


The Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies recognizes outstanding contributions to Chemistry through the PFCS Outstanding Achievement Awards. The awards aim to 1) inspire the youth to take up chemistry, 2) recognize outstanding contribution of chemists to development of discipline, and 3) recognize outstanding and exemplary contributions to society through chemistry.

The PFCS Outstanding Achievement Awards is given under four categories: 1) Chemistry Education, 2) Chemical Research, 3) Chemical Industry, and 4) Service to the Chemistry Profession

Your company will be co-presenting your chosen award (e.g. PFCS-YOUR COMPANY 2021 Award in Chemical Research) and your company logo will be displayed in all publicity events related to the PFCS Outstanding Achievement Awards 2021, to be awarded during the 35th Philippine Chemistry Congress.

If your company wishes to be a major sponsor of PFCS Outstanding Achievement Awards, please contact Dr. Glenn Alea (


An entity whose total sponsorship reaches the following levels shall be designated as Special Sponsor of the 35th PCC:

Sponsorship TierTotal SponsorshipAdditional Perks
PlatinumPHP 30,000.00Free registration for 2 participants, free technical presentation
*Special citation as Platinum Sponsor in the PFCS Website banner
GoldPHP 20,000.00Free registration for 2 participants, free technical presentation
*Special citation as Gold Sponsor in the PFCS Website banner
SilverPHP 15,000.00Free registration for 2 participants, free technical presentation
PearlPHP 10,000.00Free registration for 1 participant

We highly appreciate and look forward to your participation.

For queries, please contact Ms. Marie Grace L. Insik or Dr. Marissa G. Noel at