50th PACT National Convention

More than 200 delegates from 11 regions joined the
three-day Golden Jubilee edition of the PACT National
Convention that started on October 27, 2011. It was an ex-
traordinary celebration as it also coincided with the host Uni-
versity of Santo Tomas’ Quadricentennial Anniversary and
UNESCO’s International Year of Chemistry. Workshops and
lectures covering a wide range of conventional and non-con-
ventional topics were all well-attended and participated in;
matched by UST’s well-equipped facilities. Celebrity musi-
cian Noel Cabangon made a special guest appearance to
show support for chemistry educators by rendering them in-
spirational songs he originally composed. Raffle prizes were
also given to quite a number of delegates, courtesy of gen-
erous sponsors. The event was co-organized by the UST
Chemistry Department and the College of Science.
The themed for this year national convention was “Strength-
ening Bonds, Catalyzing Change: From the Chemistry
Classroom Promoting Public Understanding of Chemistry”
Source: https://www.pinoychemteacher.org/