PFCS Photo Contest 2021

The Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, Inc., with the hope of contributing to a greater public interest and appreciation of chemistry, particularly among the youth, organised the inaugural PFCS Photo Contest with the theme, “Chemistry in the Eyes of the Youth.”

The contest was open to Grades 7-12 students from both public and private schools nationwide. We received entries from students of different grade levels coming from all over the Philippines. They were judged based on creative expression and originality (30%), composition and technique (30%), and relevance to the theme (40%). 

This year’s winning entries are as follows:

Innocent Chemist
We are chemists, we extracted flowers and leaves that we picked every time we play “bahay-bahayan” to make different colors, we are, unknowingly, engaging ourselves in chemistry. We have learned to make our own experiments and discover reactions in the nature because of our childhood.

Reuben S. Palma
Pavia National High School
Teacher-Chaperone: Vicente P. Celestial

Burn it Up
Patterns of fire created by the combustion reaction of gas from a gas stove burner.

Rophi Denish B. Condor
Philippine Science High School – Central Visayas Campus
Teacher-Chaperone: Mary Joy Villamora

A soap bubble consists of a thin sheet of water between two layers of soap molecules, encapsulating a gas. The hydrophilic head of each soap molecule faces the water, while the hydrophobic hydrocarbon tail extends away from water. The increased distance between water molecules causes a decrease in surface tension.

Xyza Gaeia R. Cantallopez
Philippine Science High School – Central Mindanao Campus
Teacher-Chaperone: Jay Carl M. Agbay

The other participants in the PFCS Photo Contest 2021 are as follows:

Hart Drew T. Baking
Xavier School-San Juan
Teacher-Chaperone: Alicia Jane F. Peras

Karlsen Gerard A. Sagun
Santa Rosa Educational Institution
Teacher-Chaperone: Denmark I. Redimano

Kiev Franzel M. Adaza
MSU-IIT Integrated Developmental School
Teacher-Chaperone: Angel Jane A. Roullo

Jade V. Esclamado
Lyceum of Alabang
Teacher-Chaperone: Samantha Roe M. Auza

The winners received a Certificate of Recognition and a cash prize while other participants received a Certificate of Appreciation and a consolation prize. Their teacher-chaperones, on the other hand, received a Certificate of Appreciation. They were all invited to the recognition ceremony held during the 35th Philippine Chemistry Congress on 20 September 2021.

This year’s PFCS Photo Contest 2021 Committee is composed of Dr Voltaire G. Organo of the Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers, Inc. as the chair, together with Mr Elliard Roswell S. Yanza of the Philippine Federation of Chemistry Societies, Inc., Dr Fabian M. Dayrit of the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines, Inc., Dr Edwehna Elinore S. Paderna of the Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers, Inc., and Ms Mary Michelle T. Delas Alas of the Philippine Association of Chemistry Students, Inc.