Proposed Chemistry Law

The Chemistry Law (R.A. 754) was promulgated on June 18, 1952. Because of the significant changes brought about by the rapid developments in Chemistry, science and technology, the rise of international standards, global competition, as well as concerns for the environment, climate change and sustainable development, there is an urgent need to reformulate the Chemistry Law so that it will be more responsive to these modern developments. Today, for example, sophisticated chemical design, synthesis and analyses are required in a wide variety of applications, such as environment, water, food products, pharmaceuticals, forensics, plastics and polymers, materials, and many others.

Chemistry has two important aspects: Chemistry as a scientific and academic endeavor, and Chemistry as applied to public safety, public interest and the national economy. The Chemistry Law should promote the former, but should regulate the latter. Specifically, the proposed new Chemistry Law seeks to introduce the following important changes:

  • Update the definition of Chemistry and the scope of the professional practice of Chemistry.
  • Define the practice of the Chemical Analyst.
  • Strengthen the professional practice of Chemistry for global competitiveness and to bring it in line with international practice, certification and standards.
  • Rationalize the relationship between Chemistry and allied professions.
  • Strengthen the linkage between the training of Chemists and the professional practice of Chemistry.
  • Strengthen the authority of the Board of Chemistry to supervise chemistry laboratories and other entities which practice chemistry to ensure that the minimum quality standards are maintained.
  • Support the requirement for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for the continuous training and international competitiveness of professional chemists.
  • Bring the practice of Chemistry in line with the PRC modernization act of 2000 (RA 8981), as well as national concerns related chemistry, such as toxic and hazardous and nuclear waste (RA 6969) and dangerous drugs (RA 9165).