2014 PFCS Award for Chemical Industry

Philippine Alliance of Laboratory Equipment Users (PALEU)

Users of scientific laboratory instruments/equipment share the common problem of maintaining and maximally using their units. This is because of inadequate training of both instrument users and suppliers’ service technicians/engineers, high costs of instrument repair and maintenance, as well as insufficient information to compare equipment models and service performance of suppliers/dealers. 

In order to address these root causes of the problem, a group of instrument users (from chemical, biological, and medical laboratories, in the government, industry, and academia) agreed to form themselves into a SEC-registered organization.

On August 22, 1986, the Philippine Association of Laboratory Instrument Users (PALIU) was formally organized. The first set of officers included:  Atty. Fidelino A. Adriano, Aida R. Aguinaldo,. Carlito R. Barril, Elinor F. Buccat, Ruby R. Castro, Myrna I. Consolacion,  Dr. Augusto L. Lingao, Dr. Ernesto S. Luis, Dr. Antonio M. Ostrea, Manuel A. Yatco and Whitman L. Uy-Matiao. These founding members were inducted into office by the then Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology, Dr. Antonio V. Arizabal. In 2010, the organization was renamed the Philippine Alliance of Laboratory Equipment Users (PALEU). 


In order to ensure quality services and instruments from reliable suppliers/dealers, the PALIU had for its objectives:

  • To develop an informed and discriminating body of laboratory instrument users through appropriate means of information;
  • To provide a mechanism of interaction between users and suppliers of laboratory equipment;
  • To promote and effect the establishment of training centers for the development of manpower to operate, maintain and repair instruments;
  • To accredit existing instrument suppliers for reliable, professionalized sales and technical services; and 
  • To encourage and /or effect the local fabrication of laboratory instruments, accessories and spare parts.

The PALIU legacy continues to live on, with its Founding Members (Manuel Antonio O. Yatco, Dr. Aida R. Aguinaldo, Whitman L. Uy-Matiao, Dr. Carlito R. Barril, Ruby U. Castro, among them) remaining steadfast in their support to the PALEU. 

After 28 years, the organization continues to evolve into a uniquely vital and responsive service provider for laboratory equipment users in INDUSTRY, GOVERNMENT, and more recently, the ACADEMIA—sharing basic information and best practices in the selection, use, calibration, repair/maintenance, and disposal of scientific laboratory equipment. 

The PALEU continues to serve the scientific community and the country as a MULTI-DISCIPLINARY ORGANIZATION composed of CHEMISTS (at the forefront), chemical engineers, medical technologists, medical doctors, veterinarians, academics, and like-minded professionals—laboratory managers/analysts/technicians all—who share the common interest to ensure that equipment of laboratories are appropriate for intended use and generate QUALITY outputs/outcomes, throughout their serviceable life,  towards the achievement of respective development goals.